P.J. Edwards

P.J. Edwards is a Type A cylinder testing facility in South Africa, with ISO 17020 accreditation through SANAS. We have been testing seamless cylinders for the last 16 years. Amongst our vast capabilities are, ultrasonic thickness testing, Sustained Load Crack detection, ultrasonic and chemical cleaning. The major reason for having your cylinders visually inspected, once a year or more, is for your safety in handling and breathing from them. Complete and thorough cylinder system inspections is not just a quick peek in a tank! If you believe your last one was, you need a documented checklist from a certified inspector.

Cylinders we Test:

  • Diving SCUBA and SCBA cylinders
  • Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers
  • Carbon Fibre cylinders
  • Oxygen cylinders, both medical, aviation and industrial
  • Compressed gas cylinders for nitrogen, air, helium, &c

OxySpy is an Oxygen analyser, especially designed for technical diving. OxySpy offers you comfort and reliability in analysing your breathing gas. A limited warranty for defects is given for a period of 2 years (oxygen sensor and battery excluded). Due to its unique design, it is the perfect personal analyser for trained and certified Nitrox divers. Development and production of the Swiss made OxySpy meet a very high quality standard.

Contact Details for P.J. Edwards:


+2711-8871410 (Office)
+2784-888-8444 (Mobile)

34 Thora Crescent

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